North American P51D Mustang 1/72 AirFix

North American P51D Mustang from Airfix was a very fun build with great quality and very tight fitting.
All of the parts are so well tooled that you need minimal sanding and cleaning. Plastics were soft enough to work with but strong enough at the same time to withstand the pressure.
This model was scaled to 1/72 making a little bit difficult to paint the cockpit components like flying instruments etc. Most of the inside paint job is barely visible due to the scale so you can avoid painting most parts inside unless you want it to look more realistic.
Decals were applied very easily and the and manual is so straightforward making it very difficult to do a mistake. Softener and decal fix was used also to make them sit tight on the surface and become one.
No weathering has been done on this model as I wanted it to look like brand new even though the panel lines of this specific kit are great for washes.
Great weekend kit to be built in a couple of days even for beginners. Totally recommended and of course one of the kits I would buy and build again.

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