M113 ACAV 1/35 Tamiya

First ever kit bought and built. The experience was great. Tamiya is a very well known company for the fitting of its parts. Placing the parts together and gluing them was a pleasure, even the tiny ones because of the great tooling this kit has.

Most of the parts were assembled and then painted altogether except a few that were too small and they had to be painted separately in order to keep the main body of the kit clean and not mess it up with unwanted color.  All the painting was done with brushes and acrylics.
Vallejo acrylics were used for the whole paint job. The primer was also used as the main color which is Vallejo Surface Primer 73.608 US Olive Drab.

This kit has not been varnished at all as I wasn’t aware of the importance of this process.
Vallejo softener and decal setter were used in order to make the decals lay on the surface better and follow any paint or surface singularity.

Heavy weathering was made using Vallejo Burnt Umber 73.110 and Rust 73.117. Pigment binder was then used to make the pigments stick to the model and solidify. During the pigment process washes were added also. Vallejo Model Wash Dark Green 76.512 and Dark Rust 76.507
Overall it was a great and fun to build kit. Vietnam era has a lot of vehicles that can be combined to make a big diorama including kits like this one. Definitely going to buy more Tamiya products as I progress in scale modeling.

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